Baby’s First Day at Daycare


First Day at Daycare

Baby’s First day at Daycare ? Feeling of excitement, fear and uncertainity is something we are very familiar as mothers. The memory of handing over my baby to the day care teacher and closing that door is still fresh in my mind. It’s one of those feelings that will stay in my head forever. If you are reading this you are either going through or about to experience the most dreading day of handing over a piece of ourself and our whole world to some stranger, While nothing can completely remove the feeling, here are few things to think about and consider that will put you at ease and prepare you for the big adventure.

  •  Do some pre-visits to the daycare –  shortlist few daycares that suit your needs and ask around for mommy recommedations. Take a tour of the day cares and see which one make you feel comfortable and at ease. once you have decided on the day care. Make one or two random visits just to see how things are when visits are not scheduled.
  • Have a one-on-one with teachers – most day cares will have one on one with your baby’s teachers. It is a great opportunity to give a little background about your baby, your parenting styles, baby preferences, what soothes her/him and feeding schedule.  Make a list of questions you want to ask (we have put together a list of questions to make it a bit easier for you. You can download it here).
  • Ask what the schedule of the daycare is, how tolerant they are towards transitioning babies,  menu if your baby is going to have meals there. If you are planning to send homemade food ,it will be good time to talk to them and see what would be some options.  Ask for printed copies of schedules, menus and other documents.
  • Give them few familiar things – like your child’s favorite toy, blanket which will soothe them.Also make a note of things you will need to send along with your baby.This will help you pack ahead and buy few things if you need to. Here is are few things you might need – diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, blanket, sleeping tot mattress (optional), sunscreen, a small bag to hold the baby’s belongings, extra pair of clothes, socks and shoes. 
  • Try changing your baby’s schedule according to the day cares as much as you can before the big day. This will be a bit easier on the kids and one less thing to worry about.
  • Taking them for few hours everyday and slowly transitioning them to full day is also good idea, if that is something you can do. Atleast for the first few days.
  • On the big day, expect your child to cry, which is normal – they are leaving mommy for the first time. Spoiler Alert – wear some water proof mascara, you might catch yourself sheding tears and swallowing that huge lump in your throught and your heart falling to your stomach.
  • Hang in at the daycare lobby for few hours, if you have to just to make sure your baby is doing ok.. though teachers recommend against it as seeing you will backtrack what ever progress your kid is making. (I went around the building and watched few times from the window to make sure my kiddo was ok)
  • Though it might sound impossible, your baby will start enjoying daycare and you will see her going with a smile and a bye.. (That somehow made me feel bad- talk about mommy emotions :0 ).

”  Listen to your gut 


Each Baby is Different

All babies are different, they might take anywhere between few weeks to few months to adjust and start liking daycare.

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Be Prepared

Be prepared to your child catching cold, flu, stomach bugs.. not that they will happen but the probability of your child getting sick is 90%.  Do talk to your pediatrician and get some over the counter medicines or prescribed and leave some at the day care, just incase they suddenly fall sick. You might have to sign a form and ask them to give you a call before giving any medicine though.


Lists, Forms and Documents

Daycare schedule, menu, list of questions you have, your preferences and food restrictions, your child's vaccinations.

Daycare - Products you might need

Diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, blanket, sleeping tot mattress (optional), sunscreen, a small bag to hold the baby's belongings, extra pair of clothes, socks and shoes.

Popular items that might you be need for first day at daycare

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