Content Guidelines

Here are few of the general guidelines we have put together for all the MOS  users who tribute different kinds of content, including reviews, photos, videos, events, votes, tips, direct messages, and more .Below are guidelines for specific types of content that you might contribute to the site.


  • Inappropriate content:  Any form of  threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry is not allowed.
  • Conflicts of interest: Your contributions should be unbiased and objective. 
  • Promotional content: should not impact customers experience while using MOS
  • Relevance: Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate to the forum.
  • Privacy: Don’t publicize other people’s private information. Please don’t post close-up photos or videos of other patrons without their permission, and please don’t post other people’s full names unless you’re referring to service providers who are commonly identified by or commonly share their own full names.
  • Intellectual property: Let’s  keep cut, copy ,paste to reference papers. No  swiping of content from other sites or users.