Why starting a Baby Registry a great Idea ?

why starting a baby registry is a great idea ?

Congratulations ! you just realized your life is going to change forever or half way through the Journey. 90% of the moms says the feeling of excitement is followed by confusion and some times panic. This is specially true if you are a first time mom. Suddenly the doctor visits, pregnancy classes, preparing for the baby and taking care of yourself gets overwhelming. Please remember this is NORMAL.

When you are ready to tackle “Preparing for your Baby” – The best way of going about it is, to create a Baby Registry.


What is a baby Registry? –  It is an online Registry where you can add all the products and gears you or your baby will need. Once created you can share this registry to your friends and family so they know what you like and need.

How to start a Baby Registry? – Most of the stores allow you to create one on their website. Amazon, Target and Walmart are the most popular ones.. (babies-r-us was a great one too, but they are closed all over !).

What you will need to create a Baby Registry ? –  laptop/phone with internet, email id and potential due date.

When to start Baby Registry ? – You can start any time you want during your pregnancy, but most of the mothers do it during their second trimester. (after 12 weeks)


Benefits of starting to Baby Registry:

  • For starters, you can make a list of all the things you will need for your little one in one place.
  • Most of the stores will give you welcome boxes that will have samples of various baby products that you will need. These samples are great as they will allow  you test the products and see how your baby is reacting or liking before going out and buying the full sizes.
  • So you like a specific blanket from one store but few others in different store. Stores like amazon allow you to add what you like even from other stores, so that you really have ONE single place to add all your baby items.
  • Most of the stores, give you baby registry discount typically 10% or more which you can use on all your items added to baby registry, This can save you hundreds of dollars when you are looking at all the baby diapers, wipes, cribs, strollers and other items.
  • You can compare prices and check which one suits your budget.
  • You can share your registry via email, social media or text. This means  No more going to the stores to return your gifts 🙂

Mothers in Mommy’s One Stop Team have tested all major stores baby registries and the favorite was Amazon. – for the wide variety of choices, to discounts up to 25%, welcome box, $100 worth of diapers when you spend certain amount on your baby registry Items  (this keeps changing from time to time) and capability of adding other store items to the baby registry to keep it all in one place.  Here are a few tips to save even more on your baby items:

  • It is best to give a date few weeks earlier than your due date, as we all know babies have mind of their own even before they come out 🙂
  • If you are one of those lucky ones and having a christmas or new year baby then you can save even more as most of the stores will  give you the baby registry 10 % discount even on sale items. Making it an even sweeter deal.

So, there it is all you need to know about Baby Registry! Just a quick reminder before you go – Smile and Take care of Yourself.

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